#222 Craftique Dining Table

33h x 42w x 65l With two 16" leaves also included Solid Mahogany, Mellow Wax Made circa 1972 in Mebane, NC … [Read more...]

#240 Four Drawer Chest

Measures 37h x 39 1/4w x 19d Solid Mahogany, Old Wood Finish Made circa 1946 in Mebane, NC Very early, very rare piece! … [Read more...]

#310 Craftique “Low Country” Corner Cabinet

Measures 38w x 20d x 81h Solid Mahogany, Colonial Finish Made in May, 1972 in Mebane, NC … [Read more...]

#260 Craftique Harvey Huntboard

Measures 54w x 18d x 42h Item pictured is Old Wood finish. … [Read more...]

Craftique Philadelphia Chippendale Chairs #1112

Philadelphia Chippendale Chairs! Eight #1112 side chairs and two #1112A arm chairs. Old Wood Finish. They are over 50 years old. (Chairs pictured with Sheraton Dining Table, which is also available.) … [Read more...]

Gate Leg Table #210

Gate Leg Table #210 with Early American Chairs. Four #590 side chairs. Two #591 arm chairs. Colonial Finish. Also over 50 years old. … [Read more...]

Craftique Warsaw Chest

Craftique L. P. Best Warsaw Chest, #747. Mellowax Finish, August, 1972. … [Read more...]

Craftique Pieces!

Harvey Huntboard #260 1966 Old World Finish Sheraton Huntboard Pencil Post Bed #1120 4/6 (Full Size), with Old World Finish Philadephia Chippendale Highboy #1108, early L. P. Best era, with Colonial Finish Greenville Hunt Cupboard #505, with Old Wood Finish … [Read more...]

EXTREMELY RARE Craftique Tables!

Just in time for the holidays, we now have two Craftique tables that are very hard to find. #223 Round Table, Mellowax finish. It has two 12" filler leaves. Also - for the first time at The Curious Peddler - we have a #228 dining room table. It's 30" high, 56" long and 48" wide. It has four 16" fillers that will extend the table to a total of ten feet. Note that this table has capacity for up to seven fillers, making this a great banquet or conference table. We also have ten #1112 … [Read more...]

Craftique Pie Crust Table Available

We have one of these hard to find Pie Crust tables available now, but it's like the apple pie at Granny's house - if you don't get to it fast enough, someone else will. Warning - the last time we had this piece, we barely even got a picture of this beautiful Craftique Pie Crust table before it was taken away. It came in one afternoon at 3:05 and was sold by 3:15. It's an extremely rare and very beautiful piece, so HURRY! … [Read more...]