The Gallery

The Curious Peddler keeps a large and ever changing collection of furniture in our store. This is a gallery of Craftique furniture that we have - or have had at some time.

Because our Craftique furniture doesn't stay on the floor long, we aren't able to keep up with our inventory on the website. As a result, some pieces that are shown on our site are no longer available.

Please call to inquire about any piece you see.

Note: Occasionally (thanks to our less than superior photography skills!) we have to resort to using a picture from an old Craftique catalog. If you have questions, call us and ask!

Craftique #250 Mary Washington Chest

Craftique #787 Queen Anne Lingerie Chest

Craftique #1976 Upholstered Settee

Craftique #340 Wall China Cabinet

Craftique #1102 Hemplewhite Pembroke Table

Craftique #120 Pinckney Pembroke Table Pair

Craftique #1130 “Canterbury” upholstered  Bed Steps

Craftique Pedestal Dining Table #219

Craftique 222 Table

Craftique 1105 Chippendale Corner Chair

Craftique 1107 William Savery Lowboy

Craftique #787 Lingerie Chest