Craftique Quality Found Here

craftiqueThere’s no finer piece of furniture than one made by Craftique. A chair or table that has been lovingly cared for can be passed down from mother to son to granddaughter, and beyond. We are often asked how to determine the value of a piece of Craftique furniture. No two pieces are the same. Each piece was hand crafted per order by artisans with distinct skills and gifts. As well, each piece of wood is of unique quality, from the grain to the finish.

Some of the things that make a piece more valuable are:

     •Year the piece was made. (Earlier pieces by L. P. Best are more valuable.)
     •Original seven step French polish finish.
     •Original solid brass hardware.
     •Care taken of the piece through the years.
     •Rarity, determined by the number of pieces originally made.
     •Desirable and distinctive patterns of the wood grain.

All of these variations mean that prices on Craftique furniture vary widely.

We have the opportunity to purchase many Craftique pieces, but the Peddler is very selective in what she chooses. If a piece has been damaged, is in bad condition, or has been poorly refinished, it never makes it into our showroom. Because of this, you can be assured that any piece of Craftique furniture that you see in our store is of the highest quality, and has been given much love and care.

Craftique Quality is found at The Curious Peddler. Come in and choose the Craftique pieces that will display beauty, grace, and charm for generations to come.

NOTE: For assistance in valuing your piece, we offer replacement value insurance appraisals.* Contact us for pricing on this service. Note that it’s not possible to give resale value estimate over the telephone, because we have to actually see and touch a Craftique piece to determine its worth.