Listing, Wrapping, Shipping – All Right Here!

gift wrappingWith all the gifts for men, women, children that we have at the Curious Peddler, you know we have gift wrapping. The Peddler and the elves are all well practiced in the art of package embellishment, and we love to use our talents to make the outside of your present almost as special as the inside!

Your hardest thing will be choosing among all the beautiful and clever things we have in the store. We often say that it’s best to go through two times – so you won’t miss anything. But maybe that makes the choice harder.

We do, however, have a gift registry, so you could get your ‘listees’ to come in for themselves, and make a list of all their favorite things. And you can do that for yourself, too. You can come to The Curious Peddler, fill out a registry of all your favorites. You know people are always saying, “What do you want for Christmas?”. If you have a registry, you can just send them our way!

And did we mention that we ship anywhere? Listing, wrapping, shipping. How easy could it get?!