Our Bridal Gift Registry

our bridal gift registryWe’ve talked about all of the beautiful wedding gifts that we have at The Curious Peddler, and we wanted to remind you that if you’re the bride, we have a registry! We don’t have one of those fancy gift registry guns, but we’ll walk around with you and help you choose exactly what you want. It’s a bit (okay – a lot) more personal and fun than at those other stores.

We’ll show you all of the silver, the crystal, and the pewter. We’ll walk you through our home decor, and help you find just the right pieces to go into your home.

And you can peek into our jewelry room; who knows…you might find just the right accessory to make your trouseau complete. We’ve had so many brides come in looking for vintage cameo and crystal brooches to adorn their wedding dress as well as their bridesmaid gowns.

Best wishes to all of the brides to be from all of us at The Curious Peddler! May you have every happiness.