Wedding Gifts Fit For a Bride!

wedding gifts fit for a brideHow many wedding invitations have you received this year?! We know you want to honor those special brides to be with an extra wonderful wedding gift that will be loved and treasured for years to come.

At the Curious Peddler, we love weddings, and wedding gifts are our favorite. People come from far beyond Mebane and Alamance County to pick out that perfect item. We have crystal and silver and beautiful artwork. We have vintage kitchenware and beautiful platters and cake trays. We’ve often said that no true Southern home is complete without an egg tray – and we have a surprising assortment of these essentials.

And for you, check out all the gorgeous scarves and jewelry and purses and other accessories we have. We’ll bet you find the perfect complement to your wedding finery.

Of course, we also have signature gift wrapping, for whatever you choose – whether it be for the bride to be or for you.